What’s Your Self Worth?
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In financial planning we talk about a client’s net worth and we create net worth Statements as snapshots of what they are worth financially. 

More importantly though is our self-worth and the resulting self-worth statement we create for ourselves and then reflect back out to world around us.

In this episode Aries and I take a break from the interview format and discuss some key contributors to our well-being. At the top of our list is self-worth. We share what noted sages and authors have said about self-worth along with its role in our overall happiness and well-being. We get into the nitty gritty and the effect a positive and a negative self-worth can have on the quality of our lives.

Most notable is how many people struggle with their worthiness. It’s plagued humankind for as long as recorded history, but is not addressed directly and talked about in the mainstream.

Here we explore the subject more deeply to help bring some awareness to your understanding and sense of your own self-worth. 

Join us down the rabbit hole on this one. It will be worth the ride. 

To your inspired life and more!



What We Discuss:

  • A review of the top 14 constructs of the sense of well-being
  • The definition of self-worth
  • Great quotes on self-worth
  • Measuring your self-worth
  • The importance of your self-examination of one’s worth
  • Worthiness and Value
  • Are some more worthy than others?
  • The role of belief and thinking affecting our self-worth
  • Taking responsibility for the life you are living
  • Self-esteem vs self-worth
  • Of value, lovable and incomprehensive worth
  • Knowing your worthiness. How do we do that?
  • Knowing and receiving unconditional love
  • It comes down what we really value in life
  • The top five things we measure for self-worth

  1. Our appearance
  2. Our net worth
  3. Who we know
  4. What we do
  5. What we achieve

  • Do we have a choice as to how we accept our self-worth?
  • Lesson’s learned awareness of one’s self-worth through human measurement systems
  • Going forward as to how we can build up our self-worth
  • Boosting the acceptance of you are as you are
  • The role of self-care to developing good habits and actions around your self-worth


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