Your Heroic Journey
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Everyone in this life is on, what can be referred to as, a journey.

Let’s assume in this context, that one’s journey starts at point A and ends at point B, with many stops and stays along the way. 

In this episode we explore Joseph Campbell’s take on this through his “Hero’s Journey” work. We interview Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D., founder of Heroic Journey Consulting which helps individuals and organizational leaders facilitate personal, organizational and global transformation through human consciousness development.

What that means for the listener of this week’s podcast episode, is the opportunity to reframe one’s life in the context of a powerful story about courageously facing life’s challenges with heart and grit, in order to live fully and authentically. 

When we are able to do this, we come from a different consciousness about ourselves that results in contributing to the world from a more evolved state of being. That shift brings out the best version of us and that positively impacts, not only ourselves, but also those around us.

Learn more and listen to Marion’s Heroic Journey and the model she uses to transform herself and others. It’s well worth the ride!

To your inspired, heroic self, 



What We Discuss:

  • We start with Marion’s “heroic journey”
  • Lesson learned on her journey
  • Personal growth as a marker for being on the “right path” 
  • Dropping the baggage that tethers our soul and authentic self
  • The difference between an intellectual connection and spiritual connection
  • Going through the transformation process in one’s journey
  • The tipping point from Texas to a sabbatical in Sedona, AZ
  • Marion’s journey from Sedona to Seattle
  • The story of Peace Pilgrim
  • Universal deeper truths we all know intuitively
  • Examples of Marion’s self-discovery during her questioning of “what’s true for her?”
  • The difference between Knowing with a capital “K” and knowing with a lower-case ”k”
  • Knowing what’s really true for you and how do we “Know” that?
  • Marion’s story overlaying her heroic journey
  • Creating our sacred container from our life experiences on our own heroic journey
  • Seeing our challenges as part of our triumph in our heroic journey
  • The Seven Stage Labyrinth Model archetype for one’s heroic journey
  • Vertical alignment of spirit and true self at the intersection of the labyrinth core
  • How to stand in truth by peeling away the nontruths and stepping into our divine-self
  • Mythological time vs earth time
  • Catalysts for growth are always found in personal and group relationship trials 
  • What’s your story? What do you want? What’s your intention?
  • Writing your own story from outside yourself as the detached observer
  • Ways of reconnecting from a state of disconnection

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