The Master of Your Freedom
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The penultimate episode of Season One features the father of life planning, George Kinder.

When one wants to master a skill, one should learn from a master.

If you want to understand what living a life of real freedom is all about, do yourself a favor and listen to this interview from someone who walks the talk and lives the words he speaks. George is such a person and master of the art of life planning.

He has personally been an inspiration to me and the myriad others that have known or been taught by him.

In this interview, George takes us through his early life, when the seeds of freedom were sown, and the early stages of the life planning movement. You will learn more about the most important skill we can bring to others: Being fully present and listening with unconditional positive regard for the one who is sharing with us.

Enjoy and please don’t forget to check out the links to all the resources shared in this podcast.

In love and appreciation… and to your inspired life!

What We Discuss:

  • A brief recap of Mark’s and Aries’ intentions for this season
  • Both of them hoped for “one thing” this first season. Learn what it was.
  • George’s young life growing up on the foothills of the Appalachians
  • The best year of George’s life at the young age of three
  • Being conscious of vitality and inspiration at this early age
  • Growing up in a small “salt of the earth” town
  • Harvard in the 60s with students “ruling the campus”
  • Valuing our democratic freedoms and how he can live and make it accessible to others
  • Came out of Harvard wanting to live a life of poetry, painting and meditation
  • Inspired by the work of Christo as a sculpture
  • Became an accountant providing tax planning part time to support his life as an artist
  • How George evolved from taxes to financial planning in the 70s
  • Learning about empathy and listening skills from his niche building with therapists
  • How listening was and has always been at the heart of planning
  • Viewing money as simply a means of facilitating our dream of freedom
  • Why he shifted from service to the public consumer to industry professionals
  • When you live a life of freedom and vitality you gain greater self-knowledge
  • A bit about George’s spiritual journey
  • How just living a life of freedom, vitality and vigor can propel the client forward
  • We were born to be authentic and bring something extraordinary into the world
  • Finding our authenticity, self-knowledge and wisdom to model integrity and freedom
  • The Three Questions, Heart’s Core Grid and living your Ideal Day, Week and Year
  • Being awake and present in every moment of our life
  • George’s latest book: A Golden Civilization & The Map of Mindfulness



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