Energy: Creating Your New Reality!
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The entire world spins on energy. It is the life force of the Universe and it’s the life force that will play a major role in delivering your big, true vision.

The first step when you become clear on this grand dream is to live into it!

Living into it means seeing it, fully feeling it and connecting with the power and energy of your excitement and joy experiencing it. You should feel inspired and alive! Really energized, so your vibrational energy is spinning at a very high level.

This is important because here, like in physics, your energy is “the capacity to do the work.” In other words, it’s what you need to move forward through those obstacles and challenges that stand in your way!

For you, the “action” starts with the intention, inspiration and inner listening required to effect shifts in your consciousness. It’s that shift in consciousness that is the “movement of something (your vision) against something else (your obstacles) that will begin to make your vision a reality. This is the “physics” of what’s going to the move the mountains for you!

In this episode, we explore best practices that will support your vibrational energy levels, along with best practices in support of your shift of consciousness to create your expanded vision.

What We Cover:

  • The four major “holders” and “channels” of energy for human beings:
  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual
  • How Kundalini yoga awakening your physical and spiritual energy
  • What are you doing with your time to keep your vibrational energy level high?
  • What energizes you? What drains your energy?
  • Methods of better managing your energy
  • Identifying the people that raise your energy level and transfer positive energy to you
  • Aries and Mark share the steps they’ve taken to better manage their energy
  • Mark’s routines to awaken his energy: Walking, meditation, yoga, and weight training
  • Bad thoughts will drain your energy and how to deal with that?
  • Mark’s shares his experience with the “stop, drop and roll” technique
  • Consider the “BEAR” acronym: Belief leads to an Energy which leads to an Action which leads to Results.
  • Stay away from this formula: Negative beliefs = negative results
  • Being aware of our natural tendencies that lean towards a positive or negative reaction
  • Habits and energy make up a part of an interrelated web of contributing factors that help you realize your vision or keep you from attaining it
  • We all have the power to make changes
  • Focus, tenacity and commitment are required to change
  • Mark’s tops three game-changer habits
  1. Daily Meditation
  2. Daily Movement
  3. Consciously Eating Clean
  • Mark and Aries share how they deal with the struggle of eating or doing those things you love but don’t serve you.
  • Starting change one item at a time
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