Health and Well-Being
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Now we get down to the business of health, wealth and happiness for you.

We open this season with an overview of how we define health. It’s really about answering the question of what’s the framework for living a life in good health with an ongoing sense of well-being. What does that really mean? Is it achievable? And if so, how?

It’s actually simple. Simple in that it’s not hard to understand and grasp. Simple in that it’s not rocket science, but it is the science of the how the human mind and body work. The good news is we are also not required to understand at a deep and complex level how it all works.

The requirements of the mind body connection to operate at an optimum level is simply a matter of how to practice the basics of living. That is to eat, to drink, to move, to rest, and most importantly to be, in a way that fully supports the wiring and operating system of our bodies.

This season is dedicated to bring to you the subject experts that will share the ideas, knowledge and best practices that will create a strong foundation for experiencing good health and a state of well-being.

With appreciation for the opportunity to help you fully live into your inspired life!

What We Discuss:

  • Our intentions for Season 2
  • Living healthy, wealthy and happy
  • Broadening the subject on healthy living
  • Why thinking more globally about your health is important
  • The Wheel of Health:
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • intellectual
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Vocational
  • Spiritual
  • Defining health as an overall state of well-being
  • Defining well-being as a state of existence with an overall combination of health, happiness and prosperity
  • Pathways to disease and pathways to well-being
  • Feeling good is not the ultimate marker for a healthy body
  • How do we approach maintaining a state of well-being?
  • Developing best practices of preventative care
  • Taking personal responsibility for our health. What does that really mean?
  • Top three precursors to health issues:

  1. Eating the wrong foods
  2. Not managing stress well
  3. Not getting enough sleep

  • A balanced life is important for maintaining a life of well-being
  • Practicing and how we live our lives when we get off track and getting back on
  • The 80-20 rule
  • The 14 Constructs of Great Health and using it as a barometer of one’s well-being
  • Mark’s suffering experience with headaches in his 20s as a teacher about health
  • The power of moving your body on a regular basis
  • Mind body routines: The key to good health and well-being
  • Stress and how we handle change impacting one’s energy and diet
  • The master of dealing with change leading to good health and longevity
  • Living a simple life and the power of environment for well-being
  • Define what health and well-being is for you and “take the right action!”
  • Being aware and viewing health on the broadest holistic level

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