Lexie Maitland - Lifestyle and Competition Prep Coach
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She's a driving force for promoting and helping individuals identify and achieve their physical fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding goals. Her social media platforms have been growing and influencing countless followers. We welcome Lexie Maitland as our guest.

You're a fitness fanatic, which is kind of exciting. How did you get involved with that?

I've always been athletic. Growing up, it's kind of been like my identity. Everybody has always known me to be a very active, sports-driven individual. So I was a competitive gymnast starting when I was seven. And then throughout high school I was I joined the cheer team. But on top of that, I also started running with my mom and we did a couple of half marathons together. My dad basically one day was like, Lexi, you need to try something else out. So he got me a personal trainer at the local gym, and so I started with that. He started teaching me the proper way to actually weight lift, I just grew to really love it and started doing my own research and kind of went towards that route where I was doing more weight lifting rather than just cardio and it was just really something I enjoyed.

When you're coaching these girls or, you know, people from all walks of life, how do you get these people to get out of their own way? Because essentially you are coaching them to get out of their own way. How do you help change their mindset and help shift some of those mental blocks that people have in regards to that?

All of my coaching is done virtually. How do I make it personable? So I always send video responses back to my clients so they kind of see me on their computer screen talking to them. So they get that personal aspect. I also think like as a coach. I have to make sure I'm extremely upfront and direct right off the bat before somebody wants to sign up with me. Not only what my expectations are as a coach, but also telling them what to expect.

Is there anybody else, or were your parents the driving force that kind of gave you the confidence to say, I can do this?

I joined an entrepreneurial group in high school and they held pitch competitions a couple of times per year, and I, on a whim, just decided to enter one. And so when I did the pitch competitions, it really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I had to like publicly speak in front of all of these like high-level entrepreneurs in St Louis. And that really gave me the confidence to actually like fulfill public speaking.

As Glenn notes, what is really key for our entrepreneurs is you have to get uncomfortable to then get comfortable to achieve anything. If you sit in your safe space, it's just never going to happen. You have to get uncomfortable.

Lexie Maitland


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