Kyle Morris from The Golf Room and The Golf Room Everywhere
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Our guest is Kyle Morris, a serial entrepreneur, and owner of The Golf Room and The Golf Room Everywhere.

He played professional golf for what would have been about 8 to 9 years and then played 40 weeks a year and 20 countries, traveling with his kids and wife. But things had to change.

We were traveling the first six months of my first born Adler's life. He was sleeping in hotel rooms. He was born on June 9th. We left on June 23rd, and he didn't sleep in his own bed until the middle of November. And then that next year she goes, "That's not happening anymore." So then we moved home back to Ohio from Scottsdale, where I'm originally from, still playing, and then started teaching and kind of felt God moving me into a different direction.

How did The Golf Room come about?

One of my good buddies had, like, a man cave in his basement. So I said, Hey, I need to build a man cave like you. He says, Hey, I've got this little place like this little room that you could practice out of. I started hitting balls and he says if you want, we should get people in here. You could teach some lessons on the side. We could also get people to rent this bay hit balls and practice. And then it continued to grow into more ideas.

As Glenn puts it...

When you see an entrepreneur and, you know, they get the bug and obviously the commitment to be an athlete of playing golf and what it takes the mental grind to do that probably gave you, I guess, the confidence in your own abilities to go out and be an entrepreneur because you're like, Well, I'm not going to fail at this. I'm going to just do something different. I'm going to nail it.

And Kyle continues on with his perspective of his entrepreneur journey...

I think that the world, which is why the entrepreneurs are listening to this podcast, why they are entrepreneurs, is there are people who talk about doing things and then there are people who actually do things. The world is filled with people who talk, but very few people actually do.

When did you realize you have to convert this to building a business. When did that lightbulb go off for you? When did you realize that?

So there gets to a point where you just go, okay, I've got to do more. That's why I keep doing these expansions and buying businesses because I have to as an entrepreneur, which I think most of us all are, I have to see what the ceiling is. And if I don't see what the ceiling is, I don't even know if I can live with myself. So it's like I'd rather fail and see what the ceiling is than not try and just be like I could very well just chill out and say, hey, like life is good.

And Kyle's thoughts on how entrepreneurs and professional athletes are very similar.

I think that all great entrepreneurs and all great athletes are circled and encompassed with a body of basically a halo of optimism. If Tom Brady is down by three points, right, and he's got 15 seconds left, everybody in the stadium knows that Tom's winning. He knows it too. And if he doesn't, fans look at each other and think that's weird. There's always something that the entrepreneur can hold on to and say, hey, like, it'll be fine.

How important is delegating?

I think that's a really hard thing for like entrepreneurs to wrap their brain around saying, hey, like, I know if I did this, maybe I could do it better, but like my hours are actually better spent doing something else, and then let them do this. They'll get it to 80% to completion. I'll put the all tie the bow on it, you know, cross the t's, dot the I's, alter something, and then away we go.

And how about the work-life balance as an entrepreneur?

I think that's the hardest part of an entrepreneur, is just trying to make sure that when you're there, you're there and you're being very mindful and present. I think that's probably something that I'm always working on in my character to just say, hey, like I'm with my kids, be with your kids. And like when you're with your wife, like be with your wife. And then when it's time to work, work, right?

Owner, Director of Instruction, Golf Digest Best Young Instructors in America, and also ranked as the #1 instructor in the State of Ohio. Kyle does media for The Golf Channel, Trackman, and Golf Digest and has an extensive online community at Kyle owns and operates The Golf Room in Dublin Ohio and also a founding member at GolfSuites

@the_golf_room on Instagram

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