Bill Konves - Trusted Advisor for Entrepreneurs Looking to Scale
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Bill is one of those guys you can say is on top of his game.

Entrepreneurs seek him out to be behind the scenes to solve problems, act as a sounding board, mediate disputes, and address issues in front of the c-suite. He utilizes his strong marketing background, to facilitate growth, sales, and marketing strategy and incorporate measures to ensure revenue generation, cost reduction, and risk mitigation for his clients.

As he states...

I help business owners, successful business owners, scale their business, bring in the right players, mostly around marketing a lot of businesses that are trying to scale. They have a hard time finding the right marketing partners to help that without hiring full-time staff. And that's not always the best solution.

How were you able to cultivate all your key relationships over your career? How did you figure out the key to that success?

A lot of it starts with people like Glenn and networking with Glenn. Networking with other people in our group, mastermind groups being open, being at conferences, just being open to have these conversations with people and learn and not shut down. You really open up your experiences when you talk to people in other industries.

What was that "a-ha moment" you had to become an entrepreneur?

I hired a supplier once and we worked very closely together to build a loyalty program for Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. And I liked his life. I liked what I saw. He was out signing deals. He was traveling all around. He was doing some entertaining. He was capturing business and enjoying that life. And I thought I'm never going to have that in the corporate world.

And what's great about being an entrepreneur is that you can do it your own way!

Everything I do in life, I run more in a corporate manner. But I like the freedom of the entrepreneur, so I'm kind of a hybrid.

When you come from the corporate world and transition into an entrepreneur, it's natural to keep that life in the rearview mirror, for a time. But as Bill says, that crutch goes away.

I think the corporate background probably is a hindrance because it's a crutch. I always think, Oh, I can always go back. I don't anymore. I've been out so long. But for the first seven, eight, nine years I kept thinking, "Man, it'd be nice to have a paycheck every week. Man, it'd be nice just to talk to people at the water cooler and not work as hard as I'm out here working." I'm probably not employable because I would drive people insane with "Let's get something done now."

How important is self-awareness of who you are and what you are doing?

You have to have a continual analysis of yourself and where you're going. Because once someone goes on the entrepreneurial journey, they don't really know where they're going to end up. But if you're too focused on where you're going to end up, it could end badly. And some of my business does not end up where I wanted them to go. But because I had a bigger awareness of myself, I knew where I wanted to take myself. So where I'm at today is perfect.

What would you advise fellow entrepreneurs that are struggling, perhaps or trying to get to the next level?

Rely on your network and ask a lot of questions. When I look back, there were quite a few times I'd ask and listen to the answers that they give you. Be around people that have already been in your shoes that can give you that advice.

I'm a trusted advisor and servant leader that works behind the scenes to focus the entrepreneur's time, energy and productivity to the 20% effort that gets 80% of the identified company goals. After 15+ years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, 12 of which were in executive marketing roles, I struck out buying businesses and executing rebranding, turnaround, and growth strategies. During my corporate career, I was a key influencer in revenue growth at retail and financial services companies, including GE Money, Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, Pep Boys, Gap, Banana Republic, Alliance Data Systems, Wachovia Bank (Well’s Fargo) and Kohl’s. I progressed from Market Analyst to Marketing Director and VP of Client Strategy and Marketing. My personal business ventures have ranged from retail and food services to construction, real estate, and marketing services.

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