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Will Hill Consults was started from a passion for seeing firms and firm leaders make positive change come to life.

Will has spent over 20 years working with firms to operate more efficiently, and in ways that drive value to their customers. This experience combined with a passion for truly seeing change take place led Will to launch Will Hill Consults in 2022.

As Will explains in this episode, the coaching and consulting services from Will Hill Consults are separated into 2 categories: What they can do for your firm, and what they can do with your firm.

So for any firm I'm able to help with working through their processes and being kind of technology independent in that regard, but really saying what do we need to do to fix that process? A lot of it around things that touch both the staff and the clients.

Here is what Will sees in his clients...

They have hearts of teachers and they actually care about their clients and the welfare of their clients. And that's why I enjoy working with them and knowing that if I can help them, they're going to truly turn that into the benefit of their customer.

When we talk to entrepreneurs who go from corporate to being on their own, there's a little piece of you that misses a little bit of that collaborative culture that sometimes corporate breeds.

I had already been used to very much remote interactions now that were still the team that I worked with in the office and some other peers that were there. But I've been quite used to forming and building relationships when you're not sitting right next to each other for quite a while. And so that that to me was not as big of a step.

Do you feel like when you decided to ultimately make the jump and go full entrepreneur, do you have any thoughts like, "Oh man, I wish I'd have done it earlier"?

I would say, if you are married and you're going to pull this trigger, the spouse has to be in agreement that the time is right enough that it's time to go and do it. And you've got to jump before it's no longer a great choice and you've just got to feel comfortable with the downside.

As Glenn states about making the jump into entrepreneurship...

It seems like this holds true. That if you wait until you can afford to buy a house. Wait to afford you can have kids. Wait to afford to be an entrepreneur, wait to do everything. You can spend a lot of time waiting and a lot of inaction. And again, the best, worst case scenario. Everything's going to work out. It always does. It may not be what you wanted, but it's going to work out and you will be fine.

Glenn continues...

What's the worst that can happen? The longer you wait, the less confident, perhaps the less fire you'll have, the more doubt will show up. And those things are not conducive to a healthy entrepreneur relationship with yourself. I mean, you have to be mentally in a place where you have the eye of the tiger and you're ready to roll.

There's a huge difference between "owner-operator" and "owner-investor" as an entrepreneur. Will explains the steps he sees that get you from operator to investor in your business.

As an entrepreneur starting out, we tend to say yes to almost everything. But Will has some great advice on that challenge.

So I need to say yes to things after we're deep into conversation. But I need to consistently represent where my strong core value is that I'm bringing to my target customers and not try to guess at to what their needs are and shift how I portray my value. I want to come in consistently and let them interpret how that extends out to their needs. Because if I try to guess how my skill extends to their needs and I get way over to the side, I'm going to swing and miss. And later, when they say, well, that's not really our need, our needs over here, I'm going, well, I can do that too. At that point, I don't sound like an expert. Now I sound desperate. So you've got to be consistent in that messaging, even though you're going to say yes to a lot of stuff, whether you can outsource it or not, you have to stay really consistent with that initial messaging.

Learn more about Will on his website. All his contact information is there at your fingertips.

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