Janel Sykora - CMO | Entrepreneur | StoryBrand Certified Guide
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Janel Sykora is on a mission to help accounting firms grow profitably. She works with a lot of accounting firms. She builds sales funnels and helps them tell their brand story.

She teaches firms how to create and implement marketing and sales strategies that drive profitable growth without adding resources.

Business leaders can choose to grow or be comfortable, but not both. Comfort leads to falling behind, and growth requires change. Janel works with accounting firms that have a vision for growth and are willing to embrace change to achieve it.

So you're basically helping your clients evolve?

100 percent. For a while, I worked for a large software company. What we were selling wasn't necessarily solving the biggest problems those accounting firms had. So, I found myself talking to these firms about, where is your pain? Where are your bottlenecks? I realized this is a profession in a middle of a massive transition right now.

How long were you in that stage before you said, "Wait a minute, I've got to branch out and talk to people because I just need to get different perspectives?"

I never hesitate to get second opinions. Not only with businesses that I've owned and been involved with, but really my entire professional journey. But I'm also a doer, so I'll get an idea, and then I run with it. If I fall down and scrape my knee, I get back up and I'm going to look at people around me and say, "OK, what did I do? Help me figure out what I did wrong or what I did right?"

Have you been able to have a mentor throughout this entire process? Or maybe during that pivoting time?

I've had a lot of mentors throughout my career. I had a mentor throughout that particular pivotal time who was just a fantastic person. He was very high up at another software company that was very successful and kind of took me under his wing. He was brutally honest and just was there for me. He provided a completely "no judgment zone" and really did help me. But part of it was I had to get over myself and get out of my own way,

What is your superpower?

I believe my superpower is being able to take a company's vision and be able to translate that into their brand story and the message that attracts the clients that they want. I want to be the part that helps communicate the brand story of these firms who are ready and willing to make that shift.

You will want to find out more about Janel on her website. Want to learn more about working with Janel? Fill out the quick form on her website, and she'll be in touch!

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