Healthy Brain Happy Body
Northeast Region Biofeedback Society
The brain is a sophisticated organ, and its health and functioning is vital for our overall well being. This podcast examines the dynamic interactions between the brain and body, and how they profoundly influence each other, along with the biological, psychological, and social forces that impact both. We will speak with experts from diverse backgrounds to hear how they incorporate their understanding of this brain-body connection into their work. We will dive into a variety of topics from anxiety and depression to performance and ADHD with a focus on how neurofeedback, biofeedback, QEEG, and talk therapy can be used to address these issues. Hosted by Dr. Saul Rosenthal, a psychologist who specializes in brain-body health, this podcast Healthy Brain, Happy Body, is brought to you by the Northeast Region Biofeedback Society. Join us as we examine the three pound mass of 85 billion neurons and 125 trillion connections that makes each of us who we are - the brain! #biofeedback #neurofeedback #psychophysiology #brain #EEG #mentalhealth #health #brainbody #mindfulness #nrbs
Healthy Brain Happy Body
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