Hope Thru Grief
Hope Thru Grief
Jul 30, 2020
The Complex Issues of a Loss Like No Other – Suicide Part I
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Because suicide is such a unique loss, for both the loved one and the suicide survivors, we have decided to break this into several episodes over the next few months In this Part I episode we review some of the many statistics surrounding this type of loss.  Reviewing the numbers helps us set a baseline for understanding the scope and reach of this type of loss, as well as to understand the increasing need for medical intervention and education. In the past 20 years the numbers of suicides increased by 30%! This also means there is an ever-increasing number of suicide survivors that need help in their journeys of grief.  Dissecting topics like “no common component”, the iceberg analogy and reviewing the large number of “famous celebrities committing suicide”.   Marshall and Steve discuss these topics, as well as a few more in this episode of Hope Thru Grief.


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Marshall Adler and Steve Smelski, co-hosts of Hope Thru Grief are not medical, or mental health professionals, therefore we cannot and will not give any medical, or mental health advice. If you, or anyone you know needs medical or mental health treatment, please contact a medical or mental health professional immediately. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255


Thank you

Marshall Adler

Steve Smelski

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