079: Abuela’s Killin’ Rocks (ENT “The Breach”)
Play • 1 hr 20 min

"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off the lads don their spelunking gear and join Mayweather who finally gets an opportunity to do something, which is to say that he quickly gets sidelined with a leg injury and promptly taken out of the main action. Don't worry dear listener because he wasn't really needed anyway. Apparently, Trip and Reed both know how to rock climb -- an important skill for the Chief Engineer and the Tactical Officer of a starship -- in space. Some Denobulan scientists have found themselves in the middle of a hostile regime change and only the Enterprise is close enough to help. Come to find out, Denobulans can scale sheer rocks and didn't really need the away teams help anyway. On an unrelated note, Dr. Phlox encounters some staunch racism from an injured man named Hudak who requires surgery to live, but would rather leave his children fatherless because of all the hate in his cold, black, heart. Phlox was happy to oblige him, but not because of his own grandmother's set aside killing rocks for use against lesser races, but rather because of his own personal ethics. Will the Phlox reach Hudak with an emotional tale about his Neo Nazi son? Will we ever learn more about Phlox? Did Brian get the entire KO team sick? We present to you, "The Breach," from Star Trek: Enterprise." 

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