049: Population 9 Billion, All Borg (Star Trek: First Contact)
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off, Starfleet - in their infinite wisdom - has decided to keep Captain Picard and his brand spanking new Enterprise-E on the sidelines, because they are concerned with Picard's scary dreams. Well, despite Starfleet's wishes, Picard ignores his orders to babysit the Neutral Zone, and he hurtles through time to stop the Borg from interrupting the launch of the Phoenix and first contact with the Vulcans. As with most time travel movies, First Contact unravels almost entirely if you stop to think about it. For example: why not got further back in time if you're the Borg? Why not beam half-a-dozen Borg down to the launch site and annihilate Cochrane and the rest of the drunks? How is it the Vulcans won't detect the Enterprise in orbit of Earth thus completely altering the timeline? Doesn't the sexy Borg queen undermine the entire idea of ... well, you get the idea. But hats off to Jonathan Frakes who manages to direct a movie that is still beloved by many Star Trek fans. We present to you, Star Trek: First Contact."

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