083: You're Not The Boss of Me (SNW "Children of the Comet")
Play • 1 hr 54 min

"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off the lads get back to some NuTrek and Strange New Worlds is on the docket. There is a comet hurtling towards Persephone III and Captain Pike decides to intervene in what would be a catastrophic loss of life. What should have been a routine mission turns into a life threatening struggle with the Shepherds, a species that has been tasked with safeguarding the comet which they refer to as M'hanit. They call Pike's attempted intervention as "absurd" and things get religious. We learn that Cadet Uhura lost her parents and brother in a shuttlecraft accident and she ended up in Starfleet on the flagship as the communications officer? This episode features her knowledge of music theory and her ability to sing becomes a communication line to M'hanit. Prompting question this week: Is Uhura's flippancy with Spock's position and rank a problem with character writing or is it part of the larger trend in modern storytelling? Other topics include Captain Pike's hair, harmonics in music, Nathan's discovery of the "M" note on the musical scale, an imagined, incompetent communications officer, and some fancy-pants space flying from the Enterprise. We present to you, "Children of the Comet," from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds."

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