053: The Borgian Knot (VOY "Scorpion: Part 2")
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode Kirking Off both Chakotay and the Borg plan to break their dubious alliance. Seven-of-Nine goes all Paulie Walnuts, and the Voyager visits fluidic space at the behest of the Borg. Commander Mike Tyson makes an appearance, and Nathan makes a claim that states, "The Borg got problems." Prompting questions this week: Is it possible that Voyager's holographic doctor could create a weapon to defeat Species 8472, and all of the computing power of the Borg couldn't? Are we still as afraid of the Borg as we were when 'Q, Who' aired? Are the Borg still a threat to humanity as a whole? We present to you “Scorpion: Part 2” from Star Trek: Voyager. "

Season 4 - Episode 1

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