077: Operation Tik Tok (DS9 “The Wire)
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off the lads get into the statist propaganda that is Cardassian literature. Literature that is ripe with tales of heroic families sacrificing themselves for the duty of the State - for seven generations. Meanwhile, Doctor Bashir makes a note to remind Keiko that plants are only to be used outside the body. Bashir moves from Keiko's plants to Garak's crippling addiction to pleasure. Apparently Garak has a chip in his head that turns pain into pleasure, and he's been abusing it for a long time, and now that it is malfunctioning, Garak has become Bashir's unwilling and cantankerous patient. Bashir learns that Garak was a member (supposedly) of the Obsidian Order, a rather fascist organization by Federation standards, but the ultimate achievement as far as Odo is concerned. Conversation moves from Brian's shock that he does not look like Vanna White, all the way to a sidebar about Tik Tok, and how it accomplished what the Obsidian Order could only dream of doing: to know what it's citizens are eating for breakfast, because society has devolved into a bunch of self-reporting narcissists, who can't wait to tell you every detail of their day. We present to you, "The Wire," from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

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