065: Mirror, Mirror, Human! (ENT "In a Mirror, Darkly Part 1&2")
Play • 2 hr 43 min

"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off the lads don their sleek MACO uniforms, slap some gel in their hair, and put on their mean scowls to go be evil with the Mirror Enterprise crew! There is plenty to discuss this week, and we promise not to spend too much time on T'Pol's abbs or Hoshi's semi-goth aesthetic. 'In, a Mirror Darkly' asks, 'What if Cochrane and his cronies stormed the Vulcan survey ship and murdered all hands, versus inviting them to drunkenly dance under the night sky?' An interesting question no doubt, but does it hold up to any logical scrutiny? Couldn't the Vulcans just repel the boarding attempt with their superior strength, organization, technology, and training? Other ponderances this week include the following: Is the acting bad or was it campy by design? Does the military culture make sense, and if the military culture was this duplicitous and murderous, what kind of values do the civilian populace hold? With T'Pol fomenting alien rebellion, and Hoshi's intrigue play, is there a good episode somewhere in this beautiful mess? We present to you, "In a Mirror, Darkly Part 1&2", from Star Trek: Enterprise."

Season 4 - Episodes 18 & 19

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