058: Daddy Pike's Fancy New Hair (SNW "Strange New Worlds")
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off Dean and Nathan bring in life-long Trek fan, Brian who is also a friend of the show and friend in real life. The three lads dive into something new from the Star Trek universe - can you believe it? Lots of existential discussion this week based around one of the central premises of the episode: Captain Pike knows he will sustain a life-changing injury that will confine him to a chair, and drastically change his quality of life. Does having that knowledge impact him for better or worse? How would it affect you? As for the main plot: Does it really only take 3 crewmembers to run the USS Archer? Does the transporter shenanigan's present future or past problems for the Trek universe? What exactly is a Gorn breeding sack? Is Data's use of the word 'shit' in Star Trek: Generations the beginning of the end of Star Trek? Lots of tangential discussions around Trek, armchair philosophy, and some of the actual episode. We present to you "Strange New Worlds" from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds."

Season 1 - Episode 1

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