063: We Are Definitely the Baddies (TOS “Mirror, Mirror”)
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“Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off an away team comprising of Kirk, Uhura, Scotty, and Bones - in the process of beaming back to what they think is their Enterprise in their universe - find themselves materializing in the Jungian shadow version of their universe. There is more facial hair, more scars, more gold sashes, and a lot more treachery. The Federation does not exist here, but rather we have the Terran Empire, and empire built on fear, terror, and the assassination of superior officers. It does beg the question: how would an empire like this grow to be so powerful under these conditions? It becomes increasingly difficult to speculate as the episode goes on, but Brian points out that the Earth politics (read: Terran Empire) are likely less severe for ships on the fringe, than on the core planets. Comparisons to other treachery-ridden hierarchies are made like the mafia and the house vs house conflicts of Dune, and the lads imagine what it would be like if Tony Soprano was dealing with the Halkans. Speaking of the Halkans - are their moral values sensible? Is Tharn really willing to allow all his people to die rather than make a deal with Kirk to over Dilithium? Do the Halkans deserve to be annihilated? The discussion pivots between Gangster Chekov and utilitarian conclusions on murder, but the most interesting aspects of ‘Mirror, Mirror’ seems to come from the dance that plays out between mirror Spock, mirror Sulu, mirror Marlena, and regular Kirk. There is deep intrigue present this week and Kirk has to watch his step, because at any moment the Vulcan brute squad could come for him. We present to you, "Mirror, Mirror" from Star Trek: The Original Series.”

Season 2 - Episode 10

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