022: Can’t Play God (ENT "Dear Doctor")
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“Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week’s episode of Kirking Off we delve a day in the life of Flox who is sharing all his observations about human culture while serving as the ship’s doctor. An ethical crisis presents itself to Flox: The Valakians are suffering from a congenital disease that will eventually lead to their extinction. The catch: The Menk (a less advanced secondary species on the planet), are slated to become the dominant species on the planet because of their immunity to the disease. Flox is hesitant to interfere because of Neanderthals or something. Captain Archer finds himself having to make a decision on the survival of an entire species. So who is right? Who is wrong? And is the outcome ethically sound? I present to you, "Dear Doctor", from Star Trek: Enterprise.”

Season 1 - Episode 13

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