068: Mirror Marriage Counseling (DS9 "Through the Looking Glass")
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off we jump back into the Mirror Universe, and the plot this week is straight forward. Sisko is abducted by Smiley, because Mirror Sisko is dead, and the rebels are desperate. Mirror Jen is alive, apparently a dirty collaborator, and her scientific breakthrough will help the Alliance locate all the rebel bases in the Badlands. The mission: Sisko has to convince her to abandon her work. The rub: Mirror Sisko was a bit of a philandering pirate who soured his relationship - his marriage - with Jen. A solid set-up, but does it deliver? Nate, while pretending to like Star Trek, puts on his writer's hat and touches up the script a bit. Dean gets into science fiction's inability to predict certain technologies like mass surveillance. Brian reveals a troublesome childhood in which no heroes exist. The lads discuss a Looper-style Trek film starring Nog, and some questions get asked: If you were in Sisko's position would you sleep with Mirror Dax? Is Mirror Kira a good leader? Do Star Trek hand weapons look like cheap, plastic toys? We present to you, "Through the Looking Glass," from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

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