060: A Not So Glorious or Noble Death (DS9 "Blaze of Glory")
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"Now hear this. No hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off we dive back into Deep Space Nine, and our favorite egomaniacal freedom fighter, Michael Eddington returns for his heroic swan song ending. General Martok teaches his fellow Klingons how to turn each other's faces into paste. Speaking of the Klingons, they are now in an alliance with the Federation as the Cardassians have taken up with the Dominion. Needless to say the Alpha Quadrant political situation is tense. The Maquis are all but wiped out, because come to find out, the Dominion plays by a different set of rules than the Federation. They have just about eradicated the Maquis minus a small holdout who have launched a spiteful, and final attack against the Cardassians using cloaked missiles. This gets us back to Eddington. Sisko forcibly enlists Eddington to help him locate the launch site to ensure this final attack is stopped. Lots of discussion about Eddington as a leader and as a man. Is he a good leader? How close is he to Rebecca? Will Brian's insight into the Maquis give us more sympathy for this rag-tag group? We present to you "Blaze of Glory" from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

Season 5 - Episode 23

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