056: Marriage of Mass Destruction (DS9 "Armageddon Game")
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off, Nathan and Dean admit that they have a soft spot for DS9 , and they find themselves standing between two alien races that have bad hair, bad history, and really bad intentions when it comes to Bashir and O'Brien. We learn that the real weapon of mass destruction this week is marriage, and no punches are pulled, but don't worry ladies and gentlemen, because Keiko and O'Brien's marriage rates a solid 7 out of 10, and if Keiko goes on the fritz O'Brien will stick her up on the lift, and get to work on her with his power tools to ensure she's all fixed up and ready for optimal performance. In classic middle-school fashion Bashir offers his diary to Dax to read so she can understand the depths of his interesting personality (yuck!) but she has absolutely friend-zoned the good doctor, because newsflash: she didn't read it. The plot goes a little bonkers when our seemingly benevolent alien hosts begin mass murdering anyone who knows something about their WMDs. We present to you “Armageddon Game” from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

Season 2 - Episode 13

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