075: They All Go Away (TNG "Remember Me")
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off Doctor Beverly Crusher's life on the Enterprise begins to radically change as her fellow crew begin to vanish. To make matters worse, the remaining crew, do not have record of nor remember those who have gone. Spooky. It all begins when her mentor, Doctor Wilfred Brimley look-alike disappears without a trace after offering a depressing speech about how people in your life just go away. Come to find out acting-Ensign Wesley Crusher is at the center of the blame for a shrinking universe. Eventually the goul known as the Traveler shows up with his goofy hands, and gets a little creepy with everyone. Eventually we learn that this universe that Beverly inhabits is a creation of her own mind and her own perspective, and this hammers home a certain truth: Crusher thinks about Picard's well-being over her own son's, and Crusher also sees Troi as a two-by-four of a therapist. Nathan concludes he is out of touch with the younger generation. Brian reveals his initial crushing insecurity when becoming a podcast host, and Dean gets into his own self-deprecating attitude. We present to you, "Remember Me," from Star Trek: The Next Generation."

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