042: Mother Should I Trust the Government? (ENT "Broken Bow 1 & 2")
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off, Nathan and Dean sit down to prime you for the intrepid spirit that was, Star Trek: Enterprise. Join the lads as they take a little romp through the early days of Starfleet, circa 2150. A Klingon has evidence that will help prevent a civil war on his home world, and the Enterprise crew is involved. Learn all about the Vulcans and their relationship to humanity, and why Archer has an axe to grind with the pointy-eared liars that seem to treat humanity as if they were children to be protected from themselves. Are they right? Are they wrong? Is holding back humanity the moral choice? Will T'Pol be able to integrate herself into the human crew despite some existing friction with the Captain? Does Farmer Moore have a duty to retreat when threatened by the scary alien? And finally, can a time travel plot avoid temporal mechanic nightmares in the interest of telling a good story? We present to you, "Broken Bow Parts 1 & 2", from Star Trek: Enterprise."

Season 1 - Episode 1&2

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