021: The Sikarian Break-Up (VOY "Prime Factors")
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"Now hear this. Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off the USS Voyager comes across the planet Sikaris which is known for its hospitality. Their leader, Gathorel Labin, is charming, warm, and inviting. The chemistry between him and Janeway develops quickly. Harry Kim, while doing his best to not get laid, learns about the spatial trajector, a technological advancement possessed by the Sikarians that would allow the Voyager to instantly travel 40,000 light years closer to home. The catch: Gath tells Janeway that they have a prime directive type of law that forbids the Sikarians from sharing this technology. How will the home-sick crew react to knowing this technology is within arm's reach? Is the plow really Gath's family sigil? And just what is Tuvok talking about at the end of this episode? I present to you: "Prime Factors", from Star Trek: Voyager."

Season 1 - Episode 10


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