Our Kids & Sexual Assault - How to Prevent, Respond & Support // with Claire & Dr. Sadohl
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What do you do if your daughter shares that she’s been sexually assaulted?  Do you know how you would react?  Do you know if your reaction would truly help or hinder your child?

In this powerful episode, Claire Horner and Dr. SaDohl Jones of RESET: Trauma Unstuck, share their thoughts on prevention, response, and support.  Listen to hear:

  • What we can do create a safe space for our kids to share
  • Things that can undermine our efforts to create open communication
  • How to respond in the moment, in a way that supports your child
  • Words to use as you and they process the events, the retelling and the journey of healing
  • If, when, or how to share their experiences with others
  • Foundational things parents can do to help our kids be less of a target

Guest Spotlight: Claire Horner and Dr. SaDohl Jones of RESET:  Trauma Unstuck

Claire and Dr. SaDohl (suh-doll), are two sexual trauma specialists in Atlanta, Georgia.  To heal their own trauma while helping others do the same, they have dedicated their professional and personal lives to healing. They have over 39 years of combined sexual trauma recovery experience, both in the therapist chair and on the couch as clients.  

Their channel and business is called “RESET: Trauma Unstuck” and they launched “The FOF or Freak Out FREE Podcast on Valentines Day where they match survivors, helpers, and allies with resources for sexual trauma healing to increase confidence and handle life…The Freak Out Free Way.”

Connect with RESET Trauma Unstuck, Dr. Sadohl and Claire:

And check out The F O F Podcast – you’ll find expert resources for sexual trauma healing to increase your confidence and handle life…The Freak Out FREE Way.  https://www.podpage.com/freak-out-free-with-claire-dr-sadohl/

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