Sexual Assault: Creating a Dialogue & 7 Phrases to Tell Our Girls (Encore) // with Carmelita Tiu
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(Ep. 34 Encore -- because this topic is THAT IMPORTANT).

April is sexual assault awareness month -- a reminder to acknowledge and support survivors, advocate for further awareness, and educate ourselves and our kids.

While we know what sexual assault is on some visceral level, I wanted to do a quick episode that spells out what body boundaries, sexual assault, and consent are - and how to talk about these things without instilling fear or anxiety.

Also, 7 phrases that our daughters need to hear, to help open up the space for safe conversations about sexual assualt.

Listen to hear:

  • The definition of sexual assault and consent
  • How to bring up this topic with your daughters, including using current events and pop culture to help facilitate conversations
  • 7 things to tell your daughters for more open communication, and help them feel aware about sexual assault and empowered by the love and safety you provide

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