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Jun 19, 2020
FHR #008 Abundance & Fulfillment through: Self-Love, Meditation and Visualization with Rev. Lee Wolak
Play • 1 hr 7 min


  • Building self love by stopping any internal judgement
  • Changing a career in later life and finding your calling
  • Learning to visualize and meditate
  • Improving your health through visualization
  • Learning your love language and how you interact with your partner


  • In this episode Bryce chats with Reverend Lee Wolak
  • They speak about building self love through conscious living
  • Rev Wolak runs the Agape Center for spiritual living in Texas 
  • This is a place that people can come to practice self discovery through meditation, affirmative prayer, affirmations, forgiveness, visualization and gratitude
  • Rev Wolak is thankful today because he’s getting to share the message of self love around the world
  • He spent 32 years as entrepreneur and business owner and then changed tack
  • Brought up by catholic parents and aged 15 went to seminary but didn’t get invited back
  • He aimed for and got the full American dream- job, kids, wife, country club etc - still felt something was missing. 
  • At 54 left this world and got a masters in Consciousness Studies and became an assistant minister - after doing this for a while he decided that was too small and didn’t want to be a support person.
  • There is a big difference between being alone and lonely - when you’re lonely you’re trying to find things to fill the gap inside that cannot be filled
  • We all live and die alone - this can’t be changed so you need to realize that you’re enough - who are you judging yourself against?
  • Most people's beliefs are unconscious; they’re just bought into what parents/society etc also believe. 
  • Everything is spiritual because this is the experience of oneness and connection through many different ways - meditation, walking in nature etc 
  • Spirituality is the realization that we’re greater than the human body - something else there, a soul.
  • To accept yourself you need to come out of judgement; if you’re in judgement about anything then love can’t exist
  • Love languages; Lee’s are quality time, touch and acts of service and his wife’s are the same but in the reverse order
  • Lee starts each morning with meditation and then visualizing the day, followed by reading and walking the dog
  • Start to do visualization with 5 mins each day and then build up.
  • Start to practice meditation by sitting in a chair with your feet touching the ground, back straight, eyes closed, attention focused. Use the Sanskrit mantra word ‘Shreem’ to focus the mind.
  • Start with 5 mins and work up to 20 mins twice a day.




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