Sep 13, 2023
Goodbye: How Do We Release Old Versions of Ourselves?
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9 99 Goodbye: How Do We Release Old Versions of Ourselves?

Join us as we say goodbye to the old versions of us as we reflect on the layers we’ve shed to allow us to welcome in a new way of being. We discuss life in the 3D, the energy and themes associated with our episodes up until now, victimhood, our siSTAR origin story, our recent time traveling experience, playing small, working with fear instead of against it, the truth behind why we’re on Earth and what we are being called towards now. We share the steps we’ve taken to allow us to release our old selves and the undeniable presence of the new energy aiding us on this journey.

Tune in to witness a truly monumental moment in our lives ~ we welcome you to the ride of a lifetime! May this conscious conversation invite a deepening of remembrance within your being so we can all continue to hold the highest vision for our existence. 

Journal Prompts:

What vision am I holding?

What does my highest timeline look like?

What does the highest timeline look like for humanity?


I hold the highest vision for myself and all as we are One.

I welcome my highest timeline.

I honor my path.

I am open to the remembrance of the wisdom that lives within me.

As you tune in, you will tap into our shared frequency through the activations spoken in our words. This is an invitation to reawaken.

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