The Beauty of Visualizing Customer Service with Carl D'Agostino Founder & CEO of Solvpath
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Carl D’Agostino is the Founder & CEO of the AI-driven customer support technology company Solvpath. He shares how solving customer service issues for his own eCommerce brands gave birth to Solvpath.

Three things in this episode that we dive into.

1️⃣. How to use self-service support to grow an e-commerce brand

2️⃣. Why customer support interactions enable Data-driven decisions

3️⃣ The importance of AI in user experience-focused design in customer support

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Support is provided by Solvpath, an A.I.-driven customer support system that uses a visual format and self-serve technology to quickly and effectively resolve issues, resulting in satisfying support experiences for customers.

Get the best customer support system for your business. Get Solvpath. Get started by visiting www dot Get Solvpath dot com

00:00 The Beauty of Visualizing Customer Service with Carl D'Agostino, Founder & CEO of Solvpath

01:22 Intro

02:07 Building eCommerce brands

02:42 Solving a problem with Solvpath

04:25 Media Buyer view on Fintech

06:07 Solvpath is born

09:01 More than Call Center Deflection

10:03 Spinning off as Solvpath

11:26 Increasing the bottom line

15:07 Fintech and Merchant Processing Benefits

19:15 All about the data

21:15 Get & Keep more sales

24:58 Solving the Problem

25:55 Reports for everything in your funnel

27:13 Solvpath Differentiator

28:27 Solutions with Solvpath

29:36 What Success looks like for Solvpath

31:31 Three Success Tips

31:53 Don't outsource too soon

33:42 Don't be a Cheap Skate

34:10 Get feedback early and often

35:42 If starting again from scratch

37:27 Wrapping up

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