Web3 with FTC For February 7th - Ripple Lawsuit, Scotch & Soda + Flaunt, Gaming with ImmutableX, StarkNet open source, FBI Seizures, Web3 Funding, Munger's Crypto Ban
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The fashion industry's integration with Web3 technology through the partnership between Scotch & Soda and Flaunt, the future of Web3 gaming with ImmutableX, the open-sourcing of StarkNet Prover software, the FBI's seizure of crypto assets from NFT phishing scammer Chase Senecal, the Web3 funding roundup, and Charlie Munger's call for a complete ban on cryptocurrencies in the United States. Get ready for an action-packed episode filled with insightful analysis and expert opinions on these hot topics in the Web3 world.

Here's what we will cover in today's episode.

1️⃣ The ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple. A US pro-Ripple lawyer, Jeremy Hogan, has promised a victory dance if Ripple wins the lawsuit. With the judge's ruling predicted to come by March 31st, 2023,

2️⃣ Scotch & Soda with Web 3 Partner Flaunt, is creating a seamless and secure program that rewards customers for their participation and engagement.

3️⃣ Funtech keeps moving forward and ImmutableX co-founder Robbie Ferguson predicts a Web3 game with a million players in 2023.

4️⃣ StarkWare, the company behind Ethereum scaling solutions StarkEx and StarkNet, announced plans to make its STARK Prover software open source.

5️⃣ After the FBI seizes $260,000 in Crypto Assets from NFT Phishing Scammer, CFTC Chair promises to bring more enforcement actions against non-compliant crypto projects.

6️⃣ Fintech Confidential's Web3 Funding Roundup outlines where Investors are Placing Bets on Crypto Startups and the problems they solve.

7️⃣ Charlie Munger's criticisms of crypto currencies have escalated to a call for a ban on cryptocurrencies in the U.S.

Get ready to be part of the future of Web3 right here on Web3 with FTC."


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