05. Enter the Womb Room - Safa Boga, Kimiya Healing
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#FYSHY family, when was the last time you considered the womb you came from?

We are calling you to womb in this outstanding and clarifying episode with master healer & womb alchemist, Safa Boga.

Her Kimiya Healing Podcast on youtube & spotify is absolutely mind-blowing, and the subjects are so relevant to our modern life and highly valuable. I highly recommend giving it a listen after we pour into womb guided by divine instruction in this epic conversation.

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I’m hosting this show because after unraveling all of the medical lies I had been told about Endometriosis, I educated myself, and I was able to heal myself. Whether it's Endometriosis or any other painful disorder labeled as 'chronic', we expose the lesser-known solutions that can heal your mind, body & spirit. 

I also created an ongoing art series about it titled, Every Phase–powerfully illustrating how I healed myself living by the phases of the female cycle infradian rhythm clock.  This month we’re in the follicular phase and in this month's featured piece I have decided to create something I have never shown before - a portrait of my pain - how it looked, and what it became. Follow the series & watch for its release on the last Friday of this month and be the first to see it by subscribing at meredithochoa.com

While you’re on the site be sure to pick up a signed copy of my book, Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself, capturing all of the art pieces from the first year of the series.

Even though I was lied to for years by big pharma, I was able to find experts who helped me achieve the impossible. This space introduces them to you.

Today we are chatting with womb alchemy expert & creator of Kimiya healing, Safa Boga. Safa is an expert in somatic trauma healing, womb alchemy, and energy healing. She has helped thousands of people around the world transform their lives and heal chronic health conditions. She brings a unique and profound depth of embodied spiritual wisdom & experience to facilitate deeper realms of healing than is ordinarily available. Those who heal with her call it 'miraculous, beyond imagination and life-changing.'

Safa also teaches somatic therapists, psychotherapists, doctors, artists, healers, and shamans at the School of Healing Alchemy.

She is a qualified cranio-sacral therapist and has a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She lives in London with her cat Rambo and enjoys gardening, playing guitar, and traveling.

Check out her website at...

Safa's Website

Learn more about the womb room at...


Connect with her on...

@kimiya_healing on Instagram Safa on YouTube


00:00 Introduction

06:40 #1 Ego Death = The Creation of Womb Alchemy

14:54 #2 Cosmic Womb + Womb Healing for Men

23:10 #3 The Womb + Throat connection

30:16 #4 Start & Stop this for womb health

32:53 #5 Conscious birth & conception

36:14 #6 Pain & Curiousity

40:08 #7 Trauma Informed Psychedelic work

44:52 #8 Normalizing Psychedelic Plant Medicine

50:59 #9 Biohacking with Art

Key takeaways

  • How 'ego death' brought about the creation of womb alchemy
  • Men have 'womb' as well and can access their creative power by integrating this energy.
  • In addition to the physical womb in our bodies, there is an overarching cosmic womb that is the invisible foundation around our reality.
  • How to use Plant Medicine & Trauma Informed Psychedelic work to reach new levels of awareness and healing
  • The womb, heart & throat connection, the vagus nerve & somatic trauma release
  • The fetus developing in utero - one depression forming the reproductive tract and one depression forms the mouth. Before we can even think we already have these membranes being molded through the fluidic body of womb in a mirror image of each other at the same time.

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If there is a woman you know who is struggling with period pain, the foundation of how I healed myself began with reading Womancode & In The Flo by Alisa Vitti.

You can also pick up a signed copy of my printed book with a list of resources and doctors that helped me, Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself on my Instagram @meredithwochoa and remember, as always...

The truth will set you free.

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