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Oct 19, 2021
“No Blood for Milk” - Dairy Workers Call on Chobani for Justice
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There’s an idyllic, pastoral image that runs through dairy marketing. Green hills, red barns, black and white cows: that’s the image that the new “Fair Trade Dairy” label is selling. But that label papers over a long history of exploitation. 

This episode, we talk to Crispin Hernandez of the Workers’ Center of Central New York. He’s milked cows and put in long hours on farms selling to Chobani and he knows that the conditions are far from “fair.” He describes the real victories that farmworkers and human rights activists have won through organizing - and why Fair Trade USA’s new “Fair Trade Dairy” label is being opposed by the very people it claims to benefit.

Topics covered include:

  • Chobani and Fair Trade USA’s new partnership in the “Fair Trade Dairy” label that claims to promote “Worker Wellbeing.”
  • What a typical day looks like from the perspective of someone who has milked cows on farms selling to Chobani.
  • Just because the pay is low, doesn’t mean it’s low skilled work - the skill and care that goes into working in a dairy barn. 
  • Crispin and his fellow farm workers organize for better working conditions and recognition of their fundamental rights.
  • “No Blood in Milk,” how farmworkers and allies take action against workplace abuses.
  • How plantation agriculture and outdated laws leave farmworkers vulnerable to exploitation. 
  • Crispin and the Workers' Center of Central New York win a historic case that grants new protections for all farmworkers in New York State.

Do you work on a farm participating in the “Fair Trade Dairy” program? We want to hear about your experiences. Send a message to or call (800) 631-9980.


Learn more about Crispin’s work and the Workers’ Center of Central New York at

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