Food Allergy Freedom for Moms
Chelsea Winterholler
I am a Certified Life Coach who helps other moms process the fears that come from living day to day with a child with food allergies. I have a child with anaphylactic peanut allergy, and I used to go at facing this all alone. Until I found a life coach who would help me process all of the fear I was having about my son’s future. I got certified so I can help YOU. I know the worry. I know the fear. I know the sleepless nights where worst case scenarios run over and over in your brain. Not just about your child’s life, but also about the financial burden, the scrutiny from not only your friends and family members, but also the doctors who are supposed to care about your child. I know the strain it can put on a marriage and relationships with teachers and caregivers. I’ve felt the crippling anxiety sitting in the back of an ambulance with my child in anaphylaxis. I know how you feel. I have been able to process these fears and figure out REAL steps forward for me and my son. Yes, my son as well. The tools I continue to learn have helped him stay calm when he is faced with an allergen, and stand strong when he is the only one at an event NOT eating the dessert. We have found real steps that are propelling him and I towards a better future. There will come a day when you don't spend every moment in fight mode, ready to bat down the next problem. Join me on this journey to find emotion freedom from your child’s food allergies.
Food Allergy Freedom for Moms
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