Oct 30, 2021
EvelChat #21 “Leveraging Gifts & Minimizing Weaknesses": A Chat with Dale “Stevo” Stevenson.
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Dale "Stevo" Stevenson, National Throws Coach, New Zealand Athletics.

To me, this is one of the most intriguing podcasts I’ve posted… You don’t have to be a throws coach to get something out of this. I’ve met few coaches who are able to systematically individualize and create a training system around an athlete’s individual performance structure / force-output profile. This is even more impressive given the fact that Dale walked into a national coaching position shortly after retiring as an athlete. I hope you enjoy this, I certainly did. There will be more to come.


·      Dale’s history as a competitive shot putter.

·      His current role as Head Coach for the Throwing Events, New Zealand Athletics.

·      Christchurch, Polar Exploration & the Galapagos.

·      Differences between Aussie & Kiwi Athletics.

·      Dale’s current group.

·      Ryan Ballantyne & coaching top juniors.

·      How Dale came to coaching Tom Walsh.

·      Tom’s early athlete development.

·      Super-Coach Ian Baird

·      Tom Walsh’s unique challenges as an athlete

·      Dale Stevo’s unique training system & approach to periodization

·      Throwing the competition implement in competition cycles

·      Dale’s 4 session rolling average & auto-regulated periodization model

·      Differences b/t Dale’s system & the Bondarchuk system.

·      Medium-term planning in Dale’s system.

·      Tom’s competitive ability vs. training marks

·      ‘Freedom’ as a training philosophy.

·      Technical input vs. allowing an athlete to develop their own solutions to technical problems.

·      Using a ‘system’ vs. being an outlier & individualizing training

·      Does coaching attract an addictive personality?

·      Managing your life as a professional coach.

·      The pros & cons with balls to the wall coaching.

·      Being isolated in NZ.

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