Jan 5, 2022
EvelChat #26 “We Never Stand in the Same River Twice…”: A Chat with Shawn Myszka.
Play • 2 hr 5 min

In this episode of EvelChat Derek & Movement Expert & Skill Acquisition Coach Shawn Myszka discuss learning, teaching & technical development within the context of one of sport’s most complex movement challenges, the Hammer Throw.

Shawn has served primarily as a Personal Performance Advisor & Movement Skill Acquisition Coach for National Football League (NFL) players since 2008, working with approximately 12 players each year and has partnered with 5 NFL All-Pro selections and 12 NFL Pro Bowl Team members.

You can find Shawn’s full bio at https://emergentmvmt.com/about/

Shawn’s website: https://emergentmvmt.com  

You can find Shawn on Twitter at @movementmiyagi 


  • Coaching in northern environments & innovation
  • Skill development in varying conditions
  • Facilitating skill development as opposed to imparting a technical model (Ecological Dynamics)
  • Unique technical and physical elements of the hammer throw
  • Nikolai Bernstein’s ideas on problem solving
  • The functional adaptive relationship between the athlete & performance
  • Movement as a problem-solving process
  • Drills vs. whole movement learning
  • A coach’s place in the learning process
  • Global movements & coaching beginners
  • Creating dexterity & “Bulletproofness” in technical development
  • The line between fostering individual problem-solving solutions & facilitating ineffective technique
  • Barry Sanders & chasing technical models
  • “Adaptability Zone” & the confluence of constraints
  • Considering Emergence in movement learning
  • Global vs. Part learning with beginners
  • Ego and coaching technical models
  • Authenticity & problem solving “on the fly”
  • Creating / exposing athletes to different environments
  • The line between ‘thinking’ & moving instinctively.
  • One-on-one coaching & over-coaching 
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