CAPITALISM IS A TRAP: How to Live a Meaningful Life, with Moon Hurst (Banker turned Videographer).
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You're here because you know capitalism is a trap.

You've seen your parents work their asses off. Probably didn't see one or both of your parents as much as you should have, all in the name of: Making. More. Money.

And truth is, you've got sucked into it too. How do we escape the trap of capitalism? How do you live an enjoyable, meaningful life while still paying the bills needed to survive in this capitalistic world?

Join host Steve Oehley as he talks to Moon Hurst about how capitalism is a trap.



Moon Hurst - agricultural banker turned videographer.

He's someone who's living proof you don't need to follow the rules to live a good life. The best part is he was once just like you and me qualifying as a banker in New Zealand, he landed a corporate job in London, living the high life on a massive salary only to find himself stressed and unhappy at work.

He left that world behind and found his way into videography, something he loved doing, spending half his time surfing and Indonesia and the other half living on the road in an RV in New Zealand.

Moon believes he's happier than all of his mates, who've got stuck in the trip of a stressful job to pay for an expensive house.



  1. How to escape the trap of capitalism by doing what you want.
  2. Why you should listen to your friends, if they tell you you're good at something.
  3. Why you've got to be the top 10% of whatever it is that you choose to do.


If you're serious about escaping the nine to five, you've probably got to change your spending habits. Go through your account for the last few months and figure out what you're spending your money on. Create a budget based on things you NEED and then another budget including the things you WANT. This is going to take a bit of self reflection here. Do you NEED to be living in the most expensive part of town? Do you NEED to have a six dollar coffee every single day? Do you NEED to go out for dinner twice a week? The more honest you can be with yourself, the easier you can cut back your spending and the easier it'll be to transition to another livelihood.

Podcast genre: career change, career transition, work life balance, great resignation.


Podcast also known as: escape the 9 to 5

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