Rafaëlle Cohen
ENCHANTED is a space where Rafaëlle Cohen, transformational guide and vocalist, former engineer & architect turned performing artist (singer, actress, dancer) now devoted to the rise of consciousness on Earth, shares her personal experiences of transformation as a highly sensitive being in a mutating world, and her unique insights on life being an enchantment. She will address themes such as oneness, being present with what is here and now, the world’s current transformation, somatic experiencing, shadow illumination, emotional transmutation / alchemy, the invisible universal quantum laws that reign, sacred sensuality, feeling the bliss of existence cellularly. Rafaëlle shares her personal experiences, takes you through her transformations and breaks down some spiritual concepts, so that the vision of enchantment may blossom in all who resonate. Rafaëlle ends every episode with a voice and light language transmission. New episode every Thursday Follow Rafaëlle on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rafaelle.cohen/ Become a member of Rafaëlle’s enchanted e-mail list : www.rafaellecohen.com Money love: https://enchanted.captivate.fm/support Liberate your voice with Rafaëlle: Meet Your True Voice Masterclass : https://knowthybliss.thinkific.com/courses/meet-your-true-voice
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