Dissecting Success
Dissecting Success
May 10, 2022
Ep 072: Finding That Satisfaction with Naomi Pitt
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This week we welcome the amazing Naomi Pitt on Dissecting Success. Like many during the pandemic, a loss of employment encouraged Naomi to transition career paths. Building on different experiences during her career has allowed her to put all the different pieces together and find her success. Being a natural people person, Naomi found herself often saying yes, however boundaries are important and learning to say no was a big piece to prioritizing those boundaries. Showing up, trying and doing it consistently, and feeling satisfied with what she is doing are all ways our guest believes brought her success and can do the same for you. 

About the Guest

Naomi Pitt is the founder of Naomi Pitt Coaching and a Certified Life Coach. It was not a linear path to where she is today, but all of her experiences support where she is today. Naomi has over 16 years of experience in the luxury hospitality industry, working with top brands such as Four Seasons Hotels, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, and Marriott International. With a background in wedding planning, event management, and Human Resources, this is where Naomi’s true passion and ability to support and work with people really shines. When COVID hit, she was laid off from her Event Manager role and took the opportunity to pursue something she had been dreaming of.  

In 2020, she completed her Life Coaching Certification and founded Naomi Pitt Coaching, where she focuses on supporting her clients and community on moving from feeling stuck to taking action. She is the creator of The Community Corner, which is an online space that brings together inspiring women from around the world to share their stories of what community means to them.  

In 2021, she took her motivational speech “ Ready, Steady, Go: Exploring what ready feels like” to the virtual stage and spoke to over 250 people, as part of the Shine Bootcamp Speakers Showdown. Hailing from the West Coast of Canada, Naomi has grown up with a love of the outdoors and now resides in the resort town of Whistler, British Columbia. Today, she has the pleasure of working as an HR Consultant for a boutique firm, coaching her amazing clients, and enjoying time with her husband, Jonas, their French Bulldog pup Margaux and friends!


Website: www.naomipitt.com



FB: Naomi Pitt Coaching

About the Hosts:

Blair Kaplan Venables is an expert in social media marketing and the president of Blair Kaplan Communications, a British Columbia-based PR agency. As a pioneer in the industry, she brings more than a decade of experience to her clients, which includes global wellness, entertainment, and lifestyle brands. Blair has helped her customers grow their followers into the tens of thousands in just one month, win integrative marketing awards, and more. She has spoken on national stages and her expertise has been featured in media outlets including CBC Radio, CEOWORLD Magazine, She Owns It, and Thrive Global. Blair is also the #1 best-selling author of Pulsing Through My Veins: Raw and Real Stories from an Entrepreneur. When she’s not working on the board for her local chamber of commerce, you can find Blair growing the “I Am Resilient Project,” an online community where users share their stories of overcoming life’s most difficult moments.


Theresa Lambert is an Online Business Strategy Coach with an impressive hotelier background in luxury Hospitality in the #1 Ski Resort in North America. Her mission is “ To make business easy so that your life can be more FULL!”. Theresa supports ambitious Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches to redefine success with elegance and create the Impact, Income and Freedom they desire in Business and in Life. In 2020 Theresa became the Bestselling Author of her book Achieve with Grace: A guide to elegance and effectiveness in intense workplaces. She is also a Speaker and the Podcast co-host of Dissecting Success. Theresa has been recognized as a business leader in Whistler’s Profiles of Excellence, and is being featured in publications such as Hotelier Magazine, Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.



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