Ditching Imposter Syndrome
Clare Josa
Want to feel bold, confident, courageous and excited about your goals and mission? But maybe you're feeling scared? Perhaps secretly self-sabotaging? Feeding your fears more than your dreams? Clare Josa's Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast shares proven strategies, behind-the-scenes interviews and inspirational how-to for clearing out the hidden blocks that keep us stuck, dreaming big but playing small. You'll discover how to tackle secret fears, how turn your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader, how to clear out limiting beliefs, and how to make comfort zone stretching a non-scary adventure - all without pretending, white-washing or 'pushing on through the fear' (which actually makes things worse). And, as the author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome (www.DitchingImposterSyndrome.com) she's got plenty of inspiration to share with you on clearing that out, too. If you want to make the 2020s the decade that you finally get to make the impact you have been dreaming of, then let Clare's upbeat, practical approach empower and inspire you to create breakthroughs in ways that are fast, fun and forever. No more 'coping'! You deserve to thrive. The world needs you now. And the Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast shows you how. You can find out more about Clare and her work (15+ years of specialising in mentoring hustle-hating, inspired-action-takers to change the world) here: www.ClareJosa.com - and you can grab your spot on her free 5-part Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast kickstart training here: https://www.ditchingimpostersyndrome.com/podcast/yes/
Ditching Imposter Syndrome
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