Synchronicity: Honoring the Sacred and Profane with Andras Jones
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Episode Summary

Synchronicity: Hilarious, profound, sacred, and irreverent! In this special interview I speak with Andras Jones; musician, author, podcaster, creator of the Radio8Ball show, and actor (known in part for his role in Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master... hello, synchronicity!). 

In this Episode we use the Radio8Ball app to consult the Pop Oracle in a form of musical divination, including several original full-length songs that you are invited to interpret for yourself.

We also discuss:

  * The importance of honoring both the sacred and profane in a life that values and cultivates synchronicity 
  * How Olympia, the town Andras and I hail from has a secret Kabbalistic tree of life built into the downtown- as he describes in his book  “Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia”
  * His podcast  The World Is Wrong,  which focuses on what is right about movies that the rest of the world has been wrong about 
  * The history and origin of Radio8Ball, how I was a Sacred Usher on the show, and what that even means
  * His worst experience ever on stage (and how these difficulties have forged him)
  * Cheese
  * And so much more!

About Andras Jones

Andras Jones is the creator of Radio8Ball, a “Pop Oracle” he developed over 20 years beginning on KAOS in Olympia, Washington in 1998. He is the author of “Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia” for Sync Book Press and the host of several podcasts including The World Is Wrong with fellow Olympia native Bryan Connolly. Beyond Olympia Andras is best known for his work in films like “A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master” and TV shows like “Good Morning Miss Bliss”. Those who know him best, know his songwriting and performing, under a variety of different monikers, all of which can be found at his site: previouslyyours.comGet in touch:

Andras posed the question to the Pop Oracle about someone (perhaps me or you) stepping into the web of Radio8Ball...

and we would love to know what your interpretation was of the song "Little Spider." What could this mean for the future of the show?

Feel free to shoot us an email and let us know what you think!



A note from Andras on the synchronicity of this release:

This is coming out the week of my father’s birthday. June 10th. He would have been 97, and would be grateful not to have reached such a ripe age. Father’s day is next week. I bet some of his students listen to your show. They always found Radio8Ball when we were on KAOS.

About this podcast:

Welcome dreamers, seekers, empaths, and healers! My name is Amanda Lux of the Elevation Hive school and community membership for energy medicine and dreamwork. In this podcast, I share teachings, musings, poems, songs, and interviews with other amazing humans who walk the healer's path. 

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