On Precognitive Dreams and the Power of Dream Re-entry with Jamie Fenix Foster (#3 in the conscious dreamwork series)
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Welcome dreamers, seekers, empaths, and healers! My name is Amanda Lux of the Elevation Hive school and community membership for energy medicine and dreamwork. In this podcast, I share teachings, musings, poems, songs, and interviews with other amazing humans who walk the healer's path. In this episode 

Everyone has precognitive dreams (dreams that come true in some way in our waking reality) but not everyone realizes they are having them. In this episode, my guest Jamie Fenix Foster explains how to recognize when your dreams might be precognitive and how to re-enter your dreams consciously so you can work with them. Jamie is an artist, mother, plant spirit medicine practitioner, and seasoned dream teacher.

In this third episode in the series on how to create a powerful dreamwork practice, Jamie Fenix shares some powerful stories, tips, and wisdom including:

  * How her deceased mother came to her in a dream with vital information for her life
  * Several fascinating pr…
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