Neuropathway Bypass to Deal with Negative People
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Use the neuropathway bypass technique for eliminating stress from negative or difficult people in your life.

A neuropathway is a highway of neurons in the brain with a beginning and an end. Neurons transmit information from one brain cell to another. Neuropathway is started from a person or an event and ends with an emotional response that may be negative, neutral, or positive. 

How to build a bypass around the old stress neuropathway. Build a new one with a positive beginning and a positive ending.

In the morning, visualize the image of the negative person in your life and let it trigger the stress feelings in the pit of your stomach. You can do this during your morning routine, exercise program, or during your morning run or walk. When the feelings of discomfort develop, begin saying two soothing words to yourself repeatedly such as “love and peace.” Say the words over and over until the feeling of anger subsides, usually in less than two minutes.

If you find yourself upset and in a negative-feedback loop about a person that causes stress, use the neuro-bypass technique to eliminate the stress. It's simple to use, visualize the person, feel the stress, and repeat "love and peace" to yourself over and over until the feeling of stress stops for one to two minutes. After one week it will be difficult to feel the stress, after two weeks, there will be no feeling of stress. If successful, it will eliminate the stress triggered by the negative people in your life.

Dr. Gary Epler

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