Power of Feelings over Thinking
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Feelings over thinking.

Feelings from your heart include kindness, love, giving, appreciation, forgiveness, and gratitude. When you realize that you’re angry or stressed from thinking about yourself, think from the heart with kindness and giving. Give your help. Be grateful for everything you have and the positive people in your life.

Fear is the feeling from the gut. Unlike negative thinking from the head, fear is a healthy positive feeling because it tells you about the potential risk to your health. Your gut or belly brain sends you a feeling not to eat unhealthy foods or too much food. In addition, your gut feeling will help you make a decision about potentially risky new opportunities or investments.

Feelings from the body include strength from the body and the feel-good feeling in the muscles from exercising. Feel the strength from a healthy standing tall posture.

Feelings from the mind while in a slow brainwave state and include serenity, total calmness, universal acceptance and belonging, and unconditional love. These feelings include new feelings outside the body, such as not always needing to do something. This is a feeling not experienced while in the normal waking brainwave state. Additional feelings from the mind include courage, attention, accomplishment, and success.

Feel kindness and giving from the heart. Feel fear from your gut to avoid unhealthy risks. Feel energy from your muscles. Feel courage from your mind to be your true authentic self for living an extraordinary life.

Dr. Gary Epler

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