The Business Samurai
John Barker
The world is still in its technological infancy. Technology has caused changes at the speed of light. Technology is revolutionizing legacy businesses and creating entire industries never seen before. While business's core tenants (accounting, marketing, & sales) have been around for centuries, the digital realm truly began in the 1970s. We have only scratched the surface of what the technical revolution will bring. The technical revolution has brought many challenges to you as a business leader. Running a business has become more complex than ever. New technology has created deep niches that didn't exist 5-10-20 years ago. You may find it difficult to properly budget, measure value, and secure your organization because this information has not been communicated effectively to you. Technology wizards are eager to jump into the weeds of the latest tech wiz bang piece of hardware or utility without understanding how it can further the business's missions. We are here to help you answer those business questions. The Business Samurai mission is to bridge the information gap between you as the business executive, your team, and your technology. Our host John Barker will speak with industry leaders in all facets of business. Our goal at the Business Samurai is to help you become a more well-rounded leader, trained in multiple disciplines, to bring all the puzzle pieces of your business together. Making you more efficient, productive, technically enhanced, and cyber secure. To work with John Barker and Barker Management Consulting ► Follow John Barker at 🐦Twitter ► 🌎 LinkedIn ► 🔴 Instagram ► The Business Samurai w/ Logo is a registered trademark of Attollo Systems LLC dba Barker Management Consulting
The Business Samurai
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