#38 Innovating Flooring feat. Jack Aspenson
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In this week's episode of the Build Our Future Podcast, host Rahul Faria is joined by Jack Aspenson.  

Jack Aspenson is the CEO and President of S3 Surface Solutions. S3 Surface Solutions specialize in high-performance epoxy coatings, moisture barrier solutions, and microbial resistant additives – providing their services to clients across a range of industries including the hospitality, education, medical and commercial industries.  

Listen as Jack tells Rahul all about how his ideas came to fruition, and what the mission of S3 Surface Solutions is for the future. 


In this episode, you will hear Rahul and Jack discuss topics such as:  


  • The different ways that S3’s methods are safer for the environment and for the individual. 

  • How the creator of PureTi inspired Jack to create cleaner sealing methods. 

  • The ingredients behind making the best quality subfloor solutions. 

  • What lead Jack Aspenson to launching a business like S3 Surface Solutions. 




  • I got to thinking about, you know, what is my home like? You know, one of my daughters has sinus infections all the time. How do I start addressing what could be in the house? Because a lot of time the air outside of your house is cleaner than it is inside?”  

Jack Aspenson  


  • “We were sitting around at dinner one night, and they said, we know we can make things better, but will people buy it? And I said, "well, as long as you're not four times the cost, there's always an opportunity". And so, six years ago, I started S3 with the purpose of finding the quality.”  - Jack Aspenson  


  • So we are 95% less CO2 in the manufacturing which concrete equates to I think it's 20% or 30% of the Co2 generated in the world, that we generate 95% less. This is what we're developing towards.” 

 - Jack Aspenson 







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