#39 Workforce Management in the Construction Industry feat. Mallorie Brodie
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In this week's episode of the Build Our Future Podcast, host Rahul Faria is joined by returning guest, Mallorie Brodie.

Mallorie Brodie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bridgit. Bridgit provides software solutions for simplifying workforce management within the construction industry. They offer two solutions to construction companies – Bridgit Field, which is an app for punchless management and issue tracking on job sites, and Bridgit Bench, which optimizes workforce planning.

Tune in and listen as Mallorie chats to Rahul about how Bridgit has expanded their business over the course of the last year, since her first appearance on the Build Our Future Podcast in Episode #9.

In the episode, you will hear Rahul and Mallorie discuss topics such as:

How the pandemic highlighted the need for digitization in workforce planning for the construction industry.

The female experience in such a male-dominated industry like construction.

How Mallorie naturally built the brand identity of Bridgit over time.

The forms of integration that Bridgit have benefited from.

Check out Bridgit at their website:


Bridgit on LinkedIn:


Mallorie’s LinkedIn:


”We're going to keep going on the integrations. Basically, any company that our customers bring up, we'll sort of see if it's possible to do within the infrastructure we've built, but the goal is to be able to integrate with really all the tools that our customers are using today.”

- Mallorie Brodie  

I think it's really important from a strategic perspective that companies are attractive to female employees because that's just a whole other group within our economy that can be tapped into to help grow the industry overall.”

- Mallorie Brodie

”People would almost expect that our company would be very male-dominated, but we're actually like 50/50, and that was not even intentional is just sort of the way the company grew. And I think it is because we were diverse from such an early stage.”

- Mallorie Brodie

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