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Nadia Hussain is the founder of Hair Loving who create hair products for all stages of life.  Hair Loving specialise in promoting hair growth and health from childhood to postpartum and menopause.


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Today on the podcast I am talking to Nadia Hussain from Hair Loving. Hair Loving produced hair product for, all stages of life, and specialize in promoting hair growth and health and childhood to postpartum and menopause.

This is the second hair care company I’ve had on the podcast recently, a few weeks ago my guest was Laurence Quinnell of Leonora Haircare. Nadia and Laurence may be selling similar products, but their stories and business set up are completely different.

Nadia’s background is that she is a highly successful hair and make up artist, who also runs a hair & make up training academy. Nadia developed her products after years of speaking to her customers about their hair care woes.

I found it fascinating learning about the differences and similarities between their businesses, as it illustrates perfectly that there is no one ‘correct way of doing things.

It has to be what works for you. 

Listen in to hear Nadia share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:32)
  • What inspired her to create her products (02:11)
  • How she started the process of producing her products (03:33)
  • Research and learning how to properly formulate products (05:00)
  • Transitioning from developing the products herself to outsourcing production (06:14)
  • Why she decided to outsource product production (08:20)
  • Supply chain transparency, what it is and why it is important (11:09)
  • When she realised that her self formulated products could become a business (15:39)
  • How Lockdown helped boost the launch of her business and website (17:19)
  • How she started wholesaling (21:24)
  • Attending trade and customer exhibitions (23:15)
  • Getting stocked in John Lewis & Fenwicks ((23:46)
  • Expanding her range with gift boxes (26:35)
  • Selling on Amazon (27:59)
  • The importance of getting the fundamentals right on Amazon (32:52)
  • Her number one piece of advice for other product creators (35:03)


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Podcast Episode 114 How to formulate a haircare range (and do it sustainably) with Laurence Quinnell, Leonora Haircare


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